I've been fortunate to work with some great people over the years.

Grant and I have worked together on many web development projects. Grant is a well-versed professional web developer with many years of valuable experience. Grant's a fast learner and a great teacher. I sincerely enjoyed working with him. He is a trustworthy, honest person and loves to make people laugh. I would highly recommended Grant to anyone seeking a professional web designer/developer.
Mike Hancock
Lead Developer & Digital Strategy- Dr Libby
Working with Grant was always a pleasure. He is always professional at his work, has multiple solutions to solve problems and walks you through solutions in an easy to follow form. Grant's work ethic and quality is to be admired and was very much appreciated among our team.
Dipesh Ranchhod
Lead Developer - Ignite Travel Group
I've always found Grant to be interested in learning new technologies, new methods, and a guy who likes to increase productivity through automation. I especially recommend him for assessing existing systems and implementing replacements that are focused on what matters in business.
Daniel Harrison
Lead Developer - Guerrilla
I've found Grant is a great team player, has excellent attention to detail, and is a fast learner. He's passionate about technological advances, and just a very good guy to work with - reliable, calm and a hard worker!
Kaio Andrade
Freelance Web Developer
In the time I've known Grant professionally, I've found his approach to projects to be practical, ethical, and very valuable. The quality of his work is highly regarded by other members of the team and clients alike.
David Shirley
Managing Director - Guerrilla
I would like to recommend Grant as a candidate for a position with your organization. During my time working with Grant I found him to have outstanding work ethic and communication skills. I also consider him to be a kind, courteous person who makes an effort to get along with his colleagues and create a pleasant working environment. While part of our team Grant demonstrated very strong web development skills with a vast knowledge of WordPress. He can follow very strict design instructions with no compromise on the original vision or timeframe. He also has the ability take a project from start to finish with little direction yet still produce high quality work. Grant also brings with him a great desire to follow and implement systems that increase both individual and team efficiency. At every stage of a project, he's always looking to improve the way, not only he works but those around him work as well. I have no reservations in recommending Grant as I believe he would be a valuable addition to any company.
Larry Pickering
Developer & IT Manager - Nutriscience
Grant joined our web design and development team to assist with multiple ongoing projects and business development activities. During his time working in our team, Grant has regularly sought ways to improve our systems, the quality of our public-facing sites across our brands, and always been open to learning new methods and platforms from other team members. Grant has also endeavoured to complete tasks in a timely manner with well recorded progress and communication along the way.

I am happy to recommend Grant for his web design and development skills, and his positive contribution to a team.
Matthew Keegan
Partner - Arrowhead Asset Management
Grant is a very skilled web developer, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a good professional looking website built. We have used Grant on numerous projects and our customers have always been very happy with the result.
Deon Jongbloed
IT Consultant - Techs Onsite Pty Ltd